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Jacob's involvement with body art began with his birth in 1984 -- he is the youngest son of Ms. Mick. Growing up in a tattoo family has given him a distinct advantage in rapidly fulfilling the requirements for learning the practices of piercing and the artforms of tattooing. Gaining knowledge with regard to infection control began when he was old enough to wash his hands ~ the first step toward preventing infections and later in his life; sat at the kitchen table when Mom wrote the book "Preventing Disease Transmission in Tattooing and Related Body Arts Disciplines" with Dr. Kris Sperry.

Jacob was often used as the "test subject" to gauge reading and comprehension levels of future participants, as the authors figured if an eleven year old kid could understand the concepts, then adults should have no problem? When not proofing text updates, Jacob enjoyed coloring the fabulous illustrations of tattooist Henry Rhoades, the artist commissioned to provide artwork for the book.

Jacob began his career working the reception desk in 2000.  Customer satisfaction is top priority in our studio and Jacob mastered our philosophy with his knowledge of the business, charm and quick wit.  2002 marked the beginning of Jacob's Piercing Apprenticeship; completed in 2005 and in January of 2005, moved into the position of Apprentice Tattooist, which he completed in 2008.
Jacob provides individuals with small to medium sized designs with perfect confidence in his skills.  Clients can rest assured he is conscientiously following Universal Precautions and working within the established protocols outlined in the "The Book!" 
Jacob hours to Sunday 12-6 :
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