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"I am a man of few words, I let my art speak for itself." - Tom Beasley
Tattooist ~ Owner, Dragon Moon Tattoo
Quiet, reserved, extremely observant and a dyed-in-the-wool perfectionist by nature, are just a few of the descriptive adjectives used that illustrate the picture of a man known throughout the world for his masterful compositions of all styles of tattooing, but particularly his renditions of Oriental work.

The establishment of Dragon Moon Tattoo in 1978 has lead many individuals to the small town of Glen Burnie, that otherwise would remain a blip in the corridor that separates our Nation's Capitol from Baltimore and Annapolis. Individuals of discriminating taste exit from the highway for their "turn in the chair" of this extraordinary artist.

Unpretentious and unassuming, Tom Beasley shies away from the spotlight, preferring to be left alone with his client to create some of the most spectacular tattooing on the Eastern Seaboard. "The quality time spent focusing on a tattoo guarantees client satisfaction of an image they will wear forever. I refuse to become a 'clock watcher' to see how fast I can do a tattoo. Time is not important to me, perfection is", states Tom. And it shows. Each tattoo is performed with the utmost in care and attention. Watching Tom tattoo is like watching Eric Clapton play the guitar - it looks effortless, but it has taken years to achieve the status of Master.

When Tom began tattooing in 1973 years ago, he worked seven days a week from ten in the morning to often after midnight, developing his talents by constantly drawing and tattooing. He still does. Coming from the school of thought that tattooing is not just a job but rather a lifestyle, he has not slowed down over the years.

"Each day is an opportunity to make someone happy with a new tattoo, and working with people provides me with a deep sense of satisfaction that you just don't find in most occupations," says Tom, "why slow down when the best is yet to come?"

  • Tattooing since 1973
  • Served formal apprenticeship with Dani Fowler in Richmond, VA ~ 1978
  • Established Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio, Inc. ~ Glen Burnie, Maryland ~ 1978
  • Multiple award-winning artist known world-wide for his masterful compositions of all styles of tattooing, specializing in the oriental style
  • 5th World Tattoo Convention, 1st place: Best Tattooed Male -- 1980
  • Tattoo Club of Great Britain: Best Overseas Artist -- 1986
  • Tattoo Club of Great Britain: Artist of the Year -- 1986
  • National Tattoo Association, New Orleans Convention: Best Tattooist -- 1986
  • Tattoo Club of Great Britain: Master Tattoo Artist Award -- 1986
  • Tattoo Expo- Dunstable, England: Ladies Individual Tattoo -- 1987
  • 5th Annual International Tattoo Convention: Best Individual Male Tattoo --1988
  • Richmond Tattoo Expo, Best Overall Collection: Male -- 1989
  • Richmond Tattoo Expo, Best Overall Collection: Female -- 1989
  • Mad Hatter's Tea Party Tattoo Convention: Artist Merit Award -- 1989
  • Cumberland Abate Tattoo Convention: Best Single Tattoo -- 1994
  • Cumberland Abate Tattoo Convention: Best Overall Female Tattoo -- 1995
  • Baltimore Tattoo Convention: Best Male Backpiece -- 1995
  • National Tattoo Association, Philadelphia Convention: Best Tattooed Female -- 1996
  • National Tattoo Association, Philadelphia Convention: Best Female Large Tattoo -- 1996

This array of awards does not include local competitions.


Tom's Hours:

11 am til 7 pm Tuesday through Friday
Saturday through Monday by advance appointment only