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Appointment & Walk-in Protocols

The Dragon Moon Tattoo Process

The Tattoo Process is a step-by-step overview of what you can expect the day you come in for your tattoo.


  1. The first thing you will do when you come in is to choose the pattern, design, or image you would like for the artists of Dragon Moon to capture for you. In our lobby we have an entire wall of display boards with sample patterns and designs from which you can choose; or, if you already know what you would like done, you may bring in your own design or idea. Walk-ins are on a first come first serve basis. Reservations for appointments require a cash deposit. Balances due at time of service may be paid with Visa or Mastercard by the cardholder. Custom work is our specialty!
  2. Our receptionist will ask you for a state issued identification (Photo ID) to ensure that you are of legal age. Please be advised that Dragon Moon Tattoo refuses tattooing services to any individual under the age of 18.

  3. As part of the Age and ID verification process, you will be asked to read our CONSENT TO APPLICATION OF TATTOO AND RELEASE AND WAIVER OF ALL CLAIMS form. Please read each line item placing a check mark next to each line item. BEFORE you sign the consent agreement, your Tattooist will go over the form with you to ensure you have read and you comprehend each line item and are comfortable with each line item on this consent form. If you refuse to check each line item Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio claims our right to refuse service.
  4. After completing the required paperwork, we will offer you a walking tour of our work areas and our bio-hazard room. The purpose of this walking tour is to demonstrate our commitment to providing the safest and cleanest tattooing environment possible for you. We will show you our:
    1. Health and safety procedures
    2. Autoclave logbook and procedures (The autoclave is the device we use to sterilize our instruments)
    3. Sharps container, where we dispose of all of our used needles
    4. Gloving techniques
    5. Disinfection procedures
    6. Needle handling procedures. This is a very important part of the tour -- here we demonstrate to you that the needle set that will be used to apply your tattoo is sealed in its sterile packaging and has not been used on someone else.
  5. Now you are ready to begin the tattoo application process. The Tattooist will mount the newly opened needle set in the machine and will set up the pigments that will be used in containers in front of you. We set up the pigments that will be used in front of you so that you can see that we do not re-use pigments.
  6. The area to be tattooed will be washed, disinfected, then shaved. Once clean and sterile, the outline/stencil of the design will be applied to the cleaned area. The outline is the guide that the tattooist will use when applying the pigments.
  7. Now -- the MAIN STEP -- the Tattooist will apply the tattoo using the needles and the pigments. Remember, the sensation of needle as the tattoo is being applied was described in the Tattoo FAQ.
  8. After the tattoo has been applied, the Tattooist will once again wash the area that was tattooed and will then apply a sterile dressing. Before you leave, the Tattooist will discuss the care and cleaning procedures for your new tattoo.
  9. There -- It's done. You new work of body art is complete. That wasn't so bad, was it?